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We have finished our first prodution as a new theatre and it has been a great success. AND A SPECIAL THANK YOU FOR THEIR HELP Anthony D'Alfonso for helping direct some scenes and all the other extra help every day, Jason Gruber for all his extra help every day, Morgan Pierce for helping with the singing, Abe Johnson, Hannah Haller, Rachel Cowan, Julianna D'Alfonso, Maddie Williams, Courtney Cianci, Samantha Bendig, Suzanna Johnson, John Guerrini, Tyler Christman for their extra help,Orion Anderson for coming in the last week and taking a part that was needed for the production and Dr Thomas H D'Alfonso for taking pictures and video taping the show.

The Penn Ohio Young Actors Playhouse


July 15, 16, 17, 18 2009

Lateran Hall Greenville Pa

This years production is dedicated to Mr. Frank Stearns


Director - Charlotte D�Alfonso #
Co Director - Jennifer Ferguson
Directors Assistants - Jason Gruber, Anthony D�Alfonso, Morgan Pierce
Set Chairman - Anthony D�Alfonso #
Set Crew - John Guerrini - Tyler Christman, Jason Gruber, Abram Johnson
Set Construction - Maddie Williams, Courtney Cianci, Samantha Bendig, Julianna D�Alfonso, Robyn Quinter, Hannah Haller, Rachel Cowan, Suzanna Johnson, Abram Johnson
Props Chairman - Abram Johnson
Props Crew - Rachel Cowan, Hannah Haller
Make Up Chairman - Lynn Langietti
Make Up Crew - Maddie Williams, Morgan Pierce, Samantha Bendig, Courtney Cianci, Laurel Ferguson
House Manager - Julianna D�Alfonso
House Crew - Bradi Osborne, William Mayberry
Sound and Music - Kim Marriotti #
Lighting - Nekody Lenkner

Program - Wednesday - Meaera Shannon, Shaila Shannon
Thursday - Julia Langietti, Melia Lenkner
Friday - Lauren DiBucci, Samantha DiBucci
Saturday - Alex Nelson, Danielle Nelson


Chairman - Vicki Cousley
Vice Chairman - Anthony D�Alfonso
Treasurer - Martha Johnson
Assistant Secretary, Treasure - Peg Sweeney
Board Members - Mary Margaret Keck, Cheri Difford

# Members of ALPHA PSI OMEGA,
The National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity


Historian 1 - Maddie Williams
Historian 2 - Melia Lenkner
Historian 3 - Samantha Bendig
Historian 4 - Suzanna Johnson
Historian 5 - Tyler Christman
Historian 6 - John Guerrini
Historian 7 - Laurel Ferguson
Historian 8 - Abe Johnson
Historian 9 - Julia Langietti
Historian 10 - Morgan Pierce
Historian 11 - Julianna D�Alfonso
Historian 12 - Anthony D�Alfonso *
Historian 13 - Courtney Cianci
Historian 14 - Robyn Quinter
Storyteller 1 - Maddie Williams
Storyteller 2 - Hannah Haller
Storyteller 3 - Julia Langietti
Storyteller 4 - Julianna D�Alfonso
Storyteller 5 - Ali Metz
Storyteller 6 - Anthony D�Alfonso
Storyteller 7 - Samantha DiBucci
Storyteller 8 - Willow Artherholt
Storyteller 9 - Robyn Quinter
Storyteller 10 - Melia Lenkner
Storyteller 11 - Willow Artherholt
Storyteller 12 - Laurel Ferguson
Storyteller 13 - Shaila Shannon
Tom Sawyer - Tyler Christman
Aunt Polly, - Laurel Ferguson
Cousin Mary - Julianna D�Alfonso
Sid Sawyer - Abram Johnson
Huck Finn - John Guerrini
Widder Abigail Douglas, Teacher - Morgan Pierce
Sereny Harper - Samantha Bendig
Joe Harper - Orion Anderson
Hope Harper - Julia Langietti
Charity Harper - Melia Lenkner
Susy Harper - Charlotte DAlfonso
Bea Harper - Hannah Hailer
Tommy Harper - Michael D�Alfonso
Mrs Mary Jane Thatcher - Courtney Cianci
Jeff Thatcher - Peter Jaussen
Sarah Thatcher - Suzanna Johnson
Nancy Thatcher - Raina Ferguson
Aunt Sally Sprague - Maddie Williams
Eddie Sprague - Alex Nelson
Karen Sprague -Danielle Nelson
Ted Sprague - Steve Jaussen
Bob Sprague - Kieran Anderson
Amy Lawrence - Bradi Osborne
Becky Thatcher - Robyn Quinter
John Tanner - Evan Ferguson
Lyda Hollis - Ali Metz
Gracie Miller - Jessica Dickson
Bonnie Miller - Samantha DiBucci
Jenny Hollis - Shaila Shannon
Beverly Hollis - Meaera Shannon
Elizabeth Mufferson - Rachel Cowan
Ethel Lawrence - Lauren DiBucci
Willie Mufferson - William Mayberry
Ben Unger - Ian Mayberry
Janie Phelps - Willow Artherholt
Sandy Phelps - Kalina Artherholt
Judge Thatcher - Anthony D�Alfonso #
lnjun Joe - Jason Gruber

St Michaels Church for the use of Lateran Hall
Martin and Martha Johnson for the use of the Jam House sound equipment
The parents that have helped during the production
Those that have given donations


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